Not always logical

Spock is what every nerd wants to be. If only (s)he could throw out all the emotion out of the world, it would be done in an instant.

That said, the man who introduced us to the idea of such a world himself was not always logical. The video below is my favorite moment is Spock not being a Vulcan.

Although science fiction, the sometimes diversion from logic of Spock is what tells me that all hope of a logical humanity is indeed lost. That may not be a bad thing after all though. Though minute, I unfortunately have to concede that some good things do come out of not using only logic in decision-making.

With Leonard Nimoy, Spock has died (for me). He had to. It's closure in a way. A way I don't think I can explain. Yup. Most Illogical indeed. 

Thank you for being so fascinating.