Slip Fielding

Rahane and Pujara can be the Jammy(Dravid) and VVS of this new team, but only with the bat. I do think it should be a requirement for any batsman in the top order to be good behind the wickets* if you don't bowl. Either keep, or be good in the slips. It is down to simply the reflexes isn't it? And that you have already if you are a good top order batsman!

Second, remove the all-rounders and bowlers from the slips except when they are really, REALLY good! Ashwin and Jadeja are NOT really good at the slips. As a matter of fact, nobody except Dhoni is really any good behind the wickets if the England tour is something to go by.

The most important requirement of being a good slip fielder is to be able to reboot. As Jammy explained in the tea break, you have to reboot every ball. No matter what the previous ball was; a good take or a drop. Second requirement -- expect a catch EVERY ball. If this isn't followed, any catch behind the wickets, regulation or not, is plain luck. Behind the wickets, you are ready iff you're expecting a catch every single ball.

Guys, you're playing for the Indian national team, in England! You have to be better than that!

*behind the wickets = Wicket Keeper + Slips + Gully (+ Backward Point)