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Investing in Qatar Exchange for dummies


1. NIN Number

The National Investor Number is your unique identification as an individual in the Qatari stock market. This is issued for a fee of QR 100 by either Qatar Exchange, or six of the eleven brokerage firms that have an arrangement with QE to initiate the NIN account opening process.

2. Brokerage Account

You will also need a special brokerage account with any of the eleven listed brokerage firms in Doha

RECOMMENDATION: If your bank provides brokerage services, go with it to reduce the transfer hassle.

Once you have both of these in place, go buy some shares.


1. Qatar Exchange

QE MarketWatch is QE's online real-time information portal for all the listed companies. Not only is the web version of MarketWatch infinitely customizable, the mobile apps(both iOS and Android) are implemented very well. 


4-traders is among the small list websites that have some good detailed information on the Qatari market. On it's Qatar Shares page, you can see the performance YTD, short, medium and long term outlook, and the current investor rating for all the listed companies.


The watchlist on by WSJ is among the best interfaces I have seen for stock watchlists for a while. I would rate it higher than some of the portfolio interfaces around.

4. Trading Reports

Most brokerage firms will also produce daily trading and technical reports with their outlook on the markets. 


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