12.55 kilometers, 2.5 hours

Never realized how awesome it would actually be to walk the route I take almost every day for my dose of sheesha. Of course, the walking would not have come to my mind if Dad hadn't snatched my car from me (that's not completely true, his car's with the mechanic, and he bought me the Accord, so he has all the right over it).

Why did I do it? Been asked this many times. Firstly, I AM FAT! I am still to be convinced how walking will help my tummy (Aysha, your reasons are wrong!), but Oh Well!. Second, hadn't really spent some alone time with my ipod (no kidding). Also, been wanting to do something crazy for quite some time. So why not.

The that you get when you actually accomplish what you set out for, however small it be, is blissful. As soon as I got to souq, I was ready to walk back, but 2.5 hours more from my day??? Don't have that kinda time :(

Got on to a Karwa bus on the way back, bus 45. Managed to get into an argument with the driver too, about where I should actually be dropped, but oh well (miss you natty), just walked another 2 kms :)

All in all, awesome awesome evening, hope to do it again sometime, probably start a little earlier and try walking back this time.