Campus Overload - Most popular colleges on Facebook (via @rohanv)

Most popular colleges on Facebook

Jenna Johnson

Time is running out for high school seniors to lock-in on a college. Yet another factor to consider: How many friends or fans does a college have on Facebook?

No one likes a Facebook loner.

Some perspective: Lady Gaga has a following of 6.6 million. Beer pong is liked by 950,350. Harvard, the birthplace of Facebook, has 33,986 fans. (So, Rice the university shouldn't feel bad that it's less popular than rice the food.)

So, here's the list with counts as of this weekend. Only official university pages and groups count -- no alumni, class of whatever, athletic, club or other groups. And no adding numbers from different groups together!

Please help me complete the list. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know what schools to add. And please let me know if I got a count completely wrong.

UPDATE: I am constantly updating this list as people flag more colleges (and I learn to better navigate Facebook's pages and groups).

Texas A&M 174,644

The University of Texas at Austin 112,774

University of Michigan 107,793

Penn State 101,765

University of Kansas 81,361

Ohio State University 70,588

West Virginia University 60,829

[Julia Allison (Georgetown grad & socialite) 60,476]

Stanford 59,748

Michigan State 53,991

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar 51,774

[Washington Post 46,340]

Auburn 46,056

UCLA 44,586

[Rice (The Food) 42,599]

University of Miami 39,000

Purdue 37,367

Harvard 33,986

Virginia Tech 30,453

[Pirates 30,347]

Virginia Commonwealth University 30,206

George Mason 28,826

[Skydiving 28,567]

UC-Berkeley 28,216

Kansas State 27,353

University of Washington 26,486

Duke 25,940

University of Virginia 23,094

University of Maryland 20,649

Arizona State University 19,776

University of Illinois 19,662

University of Notre Dame 18,273

NYU 17,774

[Socks 16,034]

UC-Davis 15,755

Syracuse 15,537

College of William & Mary 15,153

[Friends with Benefits 13,433]

Vanderbilt 14,373

Princeton 14,130

[Snowshoeing 14,117]

[IKEA meatballs 13,367]

University of Southern California 13,012

Georgetown 13,050

James Madison University 12,930

UC-Santa Barbara 12,594

Northwestern 11,759

Carnegie Mellon 11,730

Boston College 11,377

University of Chicago 11,147

University of Pennsylvania 11,021

Brown 10,051

Yale University 9,990

Boston University 9,673

UC-Santa Cruz 9,607

MIT 8,553

American 8,539

Johns Hopkins 8,449

George Washington University 8,296

[Power Rangers 8,178]

Washington State University 7,970

UC-Irvine 7,425

Washington University in St. Louis 7,261

Columbia 6,634

Tufts 6,106

UC-Riverside 5,933

Emory 5,640

Dartmouth College 5,509

Rice (The University) 5,254

Kutztown University (Pennsylvania) 5,168

UC-San Diego 4,005

Fordham 3,828

Brandeis 3,364

UC-San Diego 3,237

[Sexting 3,187]

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 3,102

California Institute of Technology 2,754

[Campus Overload 193]

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