*Cuddle* (via @Miilee)

When the tunnel feels endless,

and it’s raining disaster,

When my world is shattering,

and it couldn’t be falling faster.

When my insides are quaking

and I’m curled up in a huddle,

I don’t want anything in the world,

as much as I need a Cuddle.

I know I sound like a child,

trust me, I feel like one.

Like a child on a stormy night,

waiting desperately for the sun.

Crying into the darkness,

the tears falling in a puddle,

scared to the core of my being,

needing a warm, loving cuddle.

Believe me, it feels great.

It makes you a little happy.

like a soft, fluffy blanket,

or a joyous little puppy.

so if you ever feel gloomy,

and your brain is in a muddle,

and it is scary all around,

Just simply ask for a cuddle!

simply beautiful, amazing articulation