I have seen God! He became the first cricketer to score 200* runs in ODIs just today. (via Shaishav Shah)

(DISCLAIMER: The 20-year old is fictitious, and all the content is originally written by SMS, except the ones in quotation marks.)

A 20-year old comes to the pitch and bats out 20 overs of a Twenty20 match. Next innings, decides to take rest.

A 36-year old comes to the pitch and bats out 50 overs of an ODI match. Next innings, he takes to the field and fields beautifully, when required, despite a cramped body, tired thighs, an everlasting fear of elbow injury (tendinitis), 20 years of cricket behind him, pressure from 1 billion people and more.
Yet, after scoring a 200*, he raises his bat and helmet and acknowledges God, his Father and the entire nation. But, without a show of emotion, immodesty, superiority complex, ingratitude.
And after winning the match, all he does is take a award, and forget to take the other award (he received 5 awards), and when asked about his brilliant 200, he says,"I don't know how to react to this.I would like to dedicate this to the people of India who have always stood behind me for these 20 years amid the ups and downs. I was striking the ball and timing the ball well, it was coming on to the bat nicely." and yet, he doesn't forget to respect his fellow mates. Even after the win, he walks calmly, and says that he would like to bat out 50 overs again!...

Well, a 20-year old would have celebrated like a maniac on scoring such high runs and winning. But if you don't celebrate, it doesn't mean you are not passionate about the sport. Passion can be seen by the way a player plays. The 20-year old sat out of the fielding, while the 36-year old still continued, however tired he may be. That's what you call Passion for the Sport. And now that's who you call God, GOD OF CRICKET!!

I have seen God! He became the first cricketer to score 200* runs in ODIs just today.


Age: 36 years (Physically), 16 years (Spiritually)

Qualifications: Great Human Being (1973-)
Child Prodigy (1973-1989)
God Of Cricket (1989- )
Greatest Sportsman (1989- )
Master Blaster (1996- )
Little Master (1996- )
Owner of two Restaurants (Sachin's and Tendulkar's)

Batting Grip: Right Hand Bat

Bowling Style: Right-arm offbreak, Legbreak googly

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Ultimate compliment: The ultimate batsman Don Bradman confided to his wife that Sachin Tendulkar
reminded him of himself!

Records Broken: Hmm, don't remember! Name any, and he has it! SERIOUSLY!!

Awards: Name any, and he has it!

Anything written about him is way too less. A curly haired Master Blaster has transformed into the short-haired Genius. Changing his bat from MRF to Adidas. From a School Player to the Pride of the Nation. From a Batsman who the bowlers fear to a Batsman who the bowlers fear Even More.

Yet, something that hasn't changed over the years is his passion for the sport. 187 runs, 44 overs, 200 minutes at the pitch and still running between the wickets. 20 years and still running. 442 ODIs and still running. 166 Tests and still running. 31045 runs and still running. 93 Centuries and still running. 147 Half-centuries and still running.

How can anyone doubt his passion for the game? How DARE anyone?

In the test series in Pakistan in 2006, Tendulkar was in poor form. "This prompted The Times of India to publish an article entitled "Endulkar" in which TOI opined that Tendulkar's batting prowess had declined and his career had slid permanently."

And there were fears of the Genius fading. Like Sourav Ganguly, people thought that it was nearly Tendulkar's end. Tendinitis too, shortened his career by nearly 2 years in total. He himself feared that he may never be able to play the love of his life again.

Had SRT adhered to what people said and succumbed to the pressure of retiring, we may have lost a lot! Missed the chance of watching someone score 200 in ODIs.

Had SRT succumbed to the Tennis Elbow and given up his love for cricket, we may never have been able to see the batting prowess that this Great has displayed in the last few months. Scores like 163*, 175, 200*, well they are not the type of scores a batsmen can score, if he was on the verge of retirement and was going to become "Endulkar". These scores just proved the consistency of the most consistent batsmen, second only to the Don (Don Bradman), whatever his age may be. He is the only cricketer to have the potential of playing in 5 World Cups (1996, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, and possibly 2014). By 2014, he would be 41 years of age, but you can't bet on it that we won't play.

But all we can do is, Watch! And see God of Cricket! I used to feel sad that I wasn't born in the Era of the Don! But, not anymore! I feel lucky to have been born in the Era of SRT! It's been a pleasure watching God, THE God of Cricket!!

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