"I just need some more love"

'Of course, you do. And everyone else does too. Funny we never say it. It is okay to scream in public if you are hungry "I'm starving". It is okay to make a fuss if you are tired "I'm so sleepy". But somehow we cannot say "I just need some more love". Why can't we say it, Shyam? It is as basic a need.'

One Night @ the Call Center (pg 262), Chetan Bhagat

Is it seen as being vulnerable? Isn't "I really don't wanna watch The Ring" a sign of vulnerability too?

Does it mean your desperate for some "unlonely" time? Isn't asking a friend for a quick snack a desperate attempt at some "non me-time" too? Especially if the friend has already expressed interest in doing something else.

If we really canNOT say it, why do we keep dropping hints? Why self-destructive behavior? Why the evident self-loathing?

(I will someday get better at articulating my thoughts)