Is that me in the papers, or my sibling!!! frigging reporters can't spell

The judging panel was made up of Jayalakshmi G, MES Indian School; K Rajya Lakshmi, MES Indian School; Rafat Issa Al Ghenam, Hamza Hamza bin Abdul Motaleb School; Alexander Cheek, information systems professor CMU-Q; Dirakaren Liginlal, information systems professor at CMU-Q; Ian Lacey, information systems professor at CMU-Q; Limam Mansar and CMU-Q students Shakir Hassan, Aysha Siddique and Amal Al Barwani.

Spell my name right!!!!

When he was asking for names, I told him what my name was, spelt it for him and finally wrote it down. Probably a waste of time.

Can I sue him?