My Take (via pryankaa)

It taught me that I had the power of choice- Twitter has helped me with its fundas in real life too. Now I rarely put up with any kind of crap. If a person is being a pain ..I simply unfollow him in my mind. Hilarious concept, but works for me..and if the bugging continues I block him or her mentally too. Earlier my firewall didn’t seem strong enough and my blocking feature didn't work that well and I had all kinds of jerks and masochists playing with my thoughts..driving me insane, now I can just disconnect and not have them or their views or their thoughts on my mental timeline – my headspace. I have the power to protect my space. Period.

It's always amazing to see the different ways people use things around them as a lens to view their life. For instance, I try to make use of all the math and the logic I study in making decisions about day to day things.

Although what Priyanka says here cannot be perfectly mapped to my way of making decisions, the intersection of the ideas is certainly *not* NULL.

DAMMIT ...hate not being able to articulate :(