One hell of a day - Part 1

It actually started the previous night. Got a big blow (stop thinking dirty ppl) on a drive and the rest is history.

Enough vagueness, screw the last night, don't want to talk about it anyways. back to Saturday and 1500, Carnegie Mellon vs Stenden (CHN) soccer friendly. I started in the playing 11 as the goalkeeper and began the onslaught of Stenden attackers. The most important here was that on corner kick which was perfectly executed but straight to awesome CMU defense which tried to clear it but another Stenden attacker took a shot at the right side of the goal and I put my hands out and theeeeeeeeereee, my poor pinky got a beating.

Goal saved, but at a price, my poor Pinky :( Applied a cold pack the same night and thought it would heal as a sprain.

Fast forward to Monday evening, accidentally hit my hand pretty hard and decided to go see a doctor as the swelling had been increasing continuously. 

1st stop - Al Ahli hospital, where they kicked me out saying doctors were available by appointment only.

1.5th stop - Meeta (, who gave me an awesome diagnosis while I was waiting for my roomie Fiaz (featured later). Meeta offically is a doctor as of now(she wasn't until yesterday). So shout out to Meeta, YAYYYYYYYYYYY. Thanks a ton for your help last night Meeta :), and GO TWITTER!

2nd stop - Apollo clininc, where the doctor, with all possible dis-interest broke the news of the fracture and (if that is a word) with the help of the X-ray told me that I will need a surgery to fix this.

3rd stop (or more liek 2.5th stop) - Arya's at Al-Meera shopping mall. Fiaz, my roommate (, also lovingly known as Fifi the pink fluffy poodle, wanted to have Dosas. On the way up, we saw this awesome 5ft long Dosa and people who know us can imagine how tempted we were to do that Dosa. Lack of funds, and fortunately, sanity prevailed and we had good old Dosas and some "!@#$%porotta".

Actual 3rd stop - Al Ahli hospital again, and they kicked me out again, since I was late by about 20 mins. THEY DID NOT EVEN SEE MY X-RAY, after being told that I have been asked to see a doc as soon as possible.

Final stop - Al Ahli again, and this time after an hour or so of waiting, I finally got to see a doctor who diagnosed me with fracture and dislocation and a tentative surgery on Thursday. 


PS: Meeta, ure awesome..thanks a ton again

Damn, I do suck at writing!