Squibble - Finishing a book (from @gitanjalic 's blog)

I have forgotten what it feels like to finish a book.

The physical turning of a page, or the filling up of that electronic status bar. It’s all the same to me, really. At this point I just want to pick up something and read it from start to finish and I just can’t seem to do that any more.

I’ve never had to beg anybody to lay my hands on something interesting to read, I’ve been lucky that way. I remember how I felt while reading (and watching) Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ – her dad ripping that book to shreds, I could feel my own eyes tearing up. Anyway, the point is there has ALWAYS been something to read , and it’s very rare for me to leave the house without a book in my bag.

But that’s the problem. I’ve become so superficial, floating from one book to another. Disrespectful, I want to cringe with embarrassment, but it’s the truth. At the back of my mind, I know there’s no time limit, no ‘form of the book’ limitation either. Earlier, I would carry only one book with me pretty much everywhere I went. This meant I had no choice but to read that one, single book when I had the chance. If it was a library book (oh, those Mills & Boons!) I would  try to not take them out of the house for fearing of losing them. So I’d end up rushing home after school or college, waiting for the moment when I could delve back into it. Now, I rarely go to libraries anymore because I  hardly read physical books.

If I could, I would steal the ability to articulate thoughts from her. Very few people I know can actually do this - no big words, no (in)famous long sentences, just pure thought, that flows.

I do disagree on the point that ebooks are wonderful though. Where's the fun without differences in opinion?

Things you're proud of

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but don't want to show them off cuz the way they were depicted

Thank you for bringing this to my attention Arunima Bera

World's last typewriter factory 'shuts down' in Mumbai - Yahoo! News

London, April 26 (ANI): Godrej and Boyce - the last company left in the world that was still manufacturing typewriters - has closed its production plant in Mumbai, India.

The company is now left with its last 200 machines - the majority of which are Arabic language models.

Although typewriters became obsolete years ago in the west, they were still common in India - until recently.

But with consumers switching to computers the demand for the machines started falling drastically in the last ten years.

"We are not getting many orders now," The Daily Mail quoted the company's general manager, Milind Dukle, as telling India's Business Standard newspaper.

"From the early 2000s onwards, computers started dominating. All the manufacturers of office typewriters stopped production, except us.

"Till 2009, we used to produce 10,000 to 12,000 machines a year. But this might be the last chance for typewriter lovers. Now, our primary market is among the defence agencies, courts and government offices," he said.

The firm began production in the 1950s. (ANI)

BOO :(

Shahid Afridi on rivalry with India - RESPECT!

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Afridi inspires and commands respect for the second time this week, first being his post match presentation comment.

How Did You Discover Your Ideal Career?

When you don't have a job in IT, working at a help desk sounds good. Until you have to deal with end users all day. Or get to support users on alpha-level software someone like the CEO decided must be deployed before it was ready.

When you work at a help desk, working in data center operations sounds good. Until you have to work 3rd shift for 3 yrs as projects are deployed and be on call the other 24 hrs in a day.

When you work in IT operations, being a DBA sounds good. Until you have to deal with databases designed by college coders who've never heard of database design and have huge DB corruption issues due to poor coding. These issues go on month after month and your DBs are constantly going down and require selective restores using crappy tools.

When you are a DBA, being a coder sounds good. Until you are provided deadlines that have nothing to do with the amount of effort or time to actually complete a class or program. You are always 3 months behind on projects due to poor planning or decisions made by others, like marketing.

When you are in Operations, a DBA, or a coder then being a technical architect sounds good. For the most part it is, until a project you designed turns into a huge failure and you are fired (so I hear). It doesn't matter that 3 of the 10 vendors lied about capabilities. You get the blame. Or worse, you are constantly designing, but nobody ever gets enough budget to deploy these designs.

When you've been fired from an IT Arch role, being an IT project manager sounds good. Hopefully by the time you get here, you've learned from all the mistakes made at help desks, operations, DBAs, coders, and technical architects and you can properly budget and schedule IT projects. Then again, most IT project managers seem to skip half these preliminary jobs.

After you've done most of these, then you either become a CIO or get fed up working for someone else and you start your own company. Then you are the boss, but not really. Now you are a consultant, being lead around by a 2 yr experienced IT project manager trying to make a name for themselves by squeezing budget from your contract and blaming your company for any shortcuts they demanded to keep costs lower or other things they did wrong. "You didn't tell me that" is constant emergency text message at 3am.

The grass is always greener ... there are days when I wish I were loading semi-trucks with boxes of PVC pipe fittings again. Perhaps I'll start a landscaping business. Based on the amount those folks charge, I think I'd have greater satisfaction seeing the grass all cut to the same level.

I love how TheFu takes you through a complete IT life-cycle, all so not-as-a-matter-of-fact ly