Gifts...because you love us, don't you?

We've been asked (by more than one person) what we'd like as a gift for the wedding? To an extent, it did come as a surprise that we are loved so much (tears of joy). It means a lot to us that you guys are a part of our celebrations and in itself is gift enough.

Both of us have been blessed with a life that has given us a lot more than we need, and the wedding has given us an opportunity to think about those who have not been so fortunate. Two causes closest to us are Education and Cancer, and while we cannot pledge 99% of our Facebook shares (simply because neither of us have any shares in Facebook), we would love for you join us in doing what we can within our means towards either of these causes, or something that is close to you.

Organisations we support are Tata Memorial Hospital and Help A Child To Study. For specifics on the institutions, please visit the gifts page.


Why a blog?

It isn't really just about being different. This is the best way a techie and a banker come together to disseminate information. The banker wants to save money by putting the techie to work (who shamelessly advertises his own personal website), and comes out a website (sort of).

This is the best way we could customize, make this process personal and have a long-lasting destination to remember what these days were like. Of course, the pages will be archived and kept for a long long time (until the day I forget to renew my domain subscription and someone steals the domain name).

Nevertheless, we plan on putting some thoughts out here, beyond just "events lists" and "random information", some individually, some together. Comments welcome :)