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Bus pick-up from Grand Hyatt at 1015 hrs (10.15 am). We will stop for lunch on the way and expect to reach the campsite by about 1400 hrs (2 pm). 

Conversations, walks, games, sports, followed by a barbecue dinner (herbivores, we have thought of you) and some good mosquito laden sleep.

Rafting in the morning at about 0800 followed by lunch.

Depart for Mumbai after lunch.

Almost 2 full days. 

Trek, Rafting, Kayaking, or simply lazing around away from the city. 

New Years Eve over a bonfire.

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11:30 AM11:30

Pew Pew Pew

  • What The Fun, Phoenix Marketcity (map)
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Meet at What The Fun at 1145. Doors open to us at 1200 and we have the place to ourselves until 1400.

Lunch at the food court in the mall and adjourn for the afternoon.

If you feel like a heavy breakfast, have it before 1000. This one is going to be a workout.

We have the place to us for two hours from noon through 2pm. Available options are Laser Tag and Bungee Soccer.

Followed by lunch at the accompanying mall.



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