Both of us have been blessed with a life that has given us a lot more than we need, and the wedding has given us an opportunity to think about those who have not been so fortunate. Two causes closest to us are Education and Cancer, and while we cannot pledge 99% of our Facebook shares (simply because neither of us have any shares in Facebook), we would love for you join us in doing what we can within our means towards either of these causes, or something that is close to you.

We will contribute to the institutions outlined below to start off this new phase in life. If you do not have an institution of choice, we would love for you to join us in supporting either or both of these institutions. In case you already have an institution that you support, please redirect the funds you had earmarked to buy us a gift to that institution instead.


Help A Child is an organization that helps children continue and/or complete their education with funding received via donors. There are multiple ways to help, including, but not limited to, a straightforward donation, or sponsoring a child.


Tata Memorial Hospital, part of Tata Memorial Centre, is a premier cancer hospital in Mumbai providing subsidised and/or free treatment to cancer patients from all over. Ways to help here either through donation to the hospital itself or individual patients, or donating blood, gifts, or volunteer time.

As always, direct questions/comments to

And if it isn't clear yet, no gifts to the celebrations please. Just bring yourself :)