The Andheri neighborhood would be a good place to stay that is central in terms of location and well-connected for transportation, and close to the airport. This area works for the transportation to/from the events as well.

NOTE: You will not need a hotel for the 31st night if you are joining us for the Overnight Adventure.


  • Suba Galaxy -- Rs. 3600 (online/average cost per night)
  • Courtyard by Marriott -- Rs. 5600 (online/average cost per night)
  • Grand Hyatt -- Rs. 7600 (online/average cost per night)
  • Airbnb is another great option. If you decide to use Airbnb and have not done so in the past, we can set you up with a coupon code before you signup. This will go anywhere from Rs. 2000 to 10000.



NOTE: Transportation will be arranged by us for Imagica and the camping trip.

As for taxis, both Ola and Uber have a great presence in Mumbai. If you have not used either of theses services in the past, we can set you up with a discount coupon.

The eternal Mumbai Autos and Kaali Peeli are of course available if you'd rather be adventurous.

While Shakir would really like you to use the Mumbai locals if you have not, our recommendation is to do it as an activity for the next section and not for usual transportation.

What to do in your free time

Adventure -- Mumbai local, Virar fast and board the train from Andheri, between 1600 and 2000.

Food -- Mohammed Ali Road, Jyoti's favorite College Dosa, Lucky's for Biryani

Beach -- Juhu Beach, Girgaum Chowpatty

Google, always a great place to go :)